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LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
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9 February


LAC Sala Teatro

Adults Fr. 25.- 
Students Fr. 15.- 
Children below 12 Fr. 10.-


Superar Suisse Orchestras and Choirs

Marco Castellini, Pino Raduazzo, Carlo Taffuri, conductors



Carnival Concert
Details of the programme will be communicated at a later date

SuperarSuisse operates in various Swiss locations and supports over 500 children. It attaches great importance to an intensive education and a high musical level. Participants from all regions build up a shared repertoire, which is continuously being expanded and forms the basis for a large number of joint concerts in Switzerland and abroad. The children often perform for the first time on stage after only three months of rehearsals. Superar Suisse has been active since 2012 as a non-profit association aimed at giving children the opportunity to learn a musical instrument or to sing in a choir for free.