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LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura


LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura is a new cultural and arts centre dedicated to visual arts, music and scenic arts, which promises to become one of Switzerland’s most important cultural institutions, with the aim of promoting a wide range of art and establishing Lugano as a cultural crossroads between northern and southern Europe.

The creation and management of an annual festival in Lugano, dedicated primarily to classical music and open to other forms of art. Cultural, touristic and economic magnet that spreads Lugano's image in the international arena.


Marco Borradori president
Roberto Badaracco member
Marco Blaser member
Roberto Botta member
Tiziano Brianza member
Giorgio Giudici member
Geo Mantegazza member
Giovanna Masoni Brenni member
Franco Müller member
Marco Netzer vice-president
Luca Pedrotti member
Diana Segantini member
Lorenzo Sganzini member
Etienne Reymond artistic director
Daniela Alberti Roth event manager
Diana Ivanisevic marketing manager
Giada Marsadri artistic assistant